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Whether you’re brand new to a lifestyle of plant-based meals or have been at it for a while, you know that eating a healthy, energy building diet is awesome.

When you’re on a roll with your heart healthy cooking, you feel great. Pre-packaged meals are no longer a tempting solution for an easy dinner, and fast food doesn’t even occur to you. Confident that your family is eating healthy, you feel like a star in the kitchen, whipping up delicious meals that follow your lifestyle choices.

But how can you get to that point and then keep up the momentum week after week?

If you’re like most of my clients, you have a busy life. You want to take care of your family’s health, but it can be a challenge to make sure each meal fulfills your needs:

Sometimes it feels like you don’t even have time for the basic steps of Shop and Cook.
Let’s face it: cooking takes time. Your trips to the grocery store can be long and uninspired, and even the fastest recipes require at least some of your time each day. It feels like you’ve just cleaned up after the last meal when you’re starting to cook the next one.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could spend less time cooking each day but still know that your family is eating healthy, delicious plant-based meals?

Over the last ten years, I’ve worked with thousands of families and individuals who want a healthier lifestyle. I’ve seen the challenges that busy cooks face, and I was inspired to create a program that takes care of those challenges in one fell swoop.

Say hello to…

Week in a Weekend is a system that will solve your planning, shopping, cooking and storing problems for the entire week—all in a weekend!

I’ll tell you exactly how it works in a minute, but first let’s talk about the fun part:

The 5 things my clients love most about Week in a Weekend:

So who am I, anyway?

My name is Alexandra Jamieson, but please, call me Alex. I’m a Certified Holistic Health Counselor and author of The Great American Detox Diet, Vegan Cooking for Dummies and Living Vegan for Dummies. I’ve been on Oprah, CNN and MSNBC, and I write for Dr. Oz’s and The Huffington Post. In the Oscar-nominated documentary Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock’s 30-Day McDonald’s binge wreaked havoc on his body, and I used my holistic approach to undo the damage.

Really, it all comes down to this: health, vitality and joy.

I love seeing people thrive, and it’s an honor to be able to assist them in getting there. I’ve used a number of methods, including cooking classes, one-on-one health counseling, and group programs, and I’m very familiar with the questions and challenges that people face when trying to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

That’s why I created Week in a Weekend.

It’s a system to simplify your plant-based cooking routine.

And unlike other meat-, dairy- and egg-free meal plans, it shows you how to prepare your meals for an entire week - all over the weekend!

You’ll spend less time cooking during the week and less time worrying about your family’s diet. Instead, you’ll have more time to relax and enjoy your family and your life!

John Robbins

"With so many families looking for a way to prepare and enjoy healthier meals together, Alex’s program couldn’t have come at a better time. Her plant-based menus provide nutrition, variety, and delicious recipes while helping families who want to improve the way they eat and feel.
Alex is handing your family everything you need to get started towards a healthier diet, all you need to do is download the program, get to the grocery store and set aside a few hours on the weekend to cook!"
~John Robbins
Bestselling author of The New Good Life: Living Better Than Ever in an Age of Less.
His other bestsellers include The Food Revolution and Diet For a New America.

Here’s what you get:

You’ll also get 4 bonus tip sheets!

6 reasons why Week in a Weekend is different from other meal plans:

  1. No pre-packaged or frozen meals involved. Week in a Weekend makes using fresh produce and quality ingredients so easy, you won’t even be tempted to look at those meal-in-a-box options.
  2. You get two sets of instructions: one for families of 2, and one for families of 4.
  3. I share secrets and tricks that I’ve learned over the years, covering topics from buying in bulk to which containers are best for the freezer.
  4. You can do all of the prepping and cooking in a weekend. Use the extra free time during the week to do something you enjoy!
  5. Each meal takes only minutes to prepare, so you’ll whip through a week’s worth of cooking in no time!
  6. All of the material is super easy to access. You can download the documents to your computer, view them online or print them, whichever is most convenient for you.
Suzanne Steinbaum "Being a full time cardiologist and a mother, the balancing act of trying to feed my son more than food that is simply "edible", became a real issue, as well as the fact that I'd rather be playing with him when I am home, as opposed to preparing dinner!
Week In A Weekend not only gave me a foundation of how to begin to make my food tastier by giving me the ingredients to buy, but it also allowed me a way to cook healthy and TASTY foods that we can eat throughout the week. I love the fact that I can provide us a home cooked meal that is healthy, yummy, and that I can actually make!"
~Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum
Director, Women and Heart Disease
The Heart and Vascular Institute, Lenox Hill Hospital
New York City, New York

Rory Freedman "If you’ve been putting off your transition to a healthier way of eating, you just ran out of excuses. Alex’s Week In A Weekend program gives you everything you need to make amazing meals with little effort!
I love the episodes and e-cookbooks—they’ll help so many people who know they need to start eating better. Plus, the whole program can be downloaded in a few minutes, so there’s no excuse not to get started today."
~Rory Freedman
Co-author #1 NY Times best seller Skinny Bitch

At the end of the day, when you are tired, hungry and vulnerable to unhealthy choices,
you’ll already have a nurturing, healthy meal prepared.

So what does Week in a Weekend cost?
At only $47.89
it’s an easy investment in your family’s health.

The benefits of the program don’t end after the first week. You’ll be able to create your own menu guides and shopping lists, and you’ll have so many tips on cooking and storing that you’ll save both money and time.

Okay, Alex. Let’s get started! I’m ready to save time and money without sacrificing taste or nutrition.

Simply check which program(s) you’d like to purchase, then click “Add to Cart”

Week #1 – Plant-Based and Gluten-Free Week$47.89
Week #2 – Plant-Based Week$47.89
Allison Rivers Samson "Week in a Weekend is a fun and efficient resource for families small and large to create delicious and healthy meals. Alex plans it all out and even shows how to make the recipes in an easy-to-watch, concise video with instructions for each. This program is a wonderful tool for anyone who wants to improve their eating habits and have fun doing so!"
~Allison Rivers Samson
Owner of, and author of the column, VeganizeIt! in VegNews Magazine

Additional Questions About Week in a Weekend

Who is the Week in a Weekend program for?

I’m single. Will Week in a Weekend work for me?

I like to relax over the weekend. Will Week in a Weekend really save me time?

What other people are saying about Week in a Weekend:

Joshua Rosenthal "Every so often a graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition comes up with an idea that gets to the core of our mission: to help educate and serve people so they can easily live a healthier life. And that’s exactly what Alex is offering here.
Your cooking skills don’t need to be on a professional level to start making tasty, delicious meals for yourself and your family. These easy-to-follow e-cookbooks and cooking videos will inspire you to prepare more plant-based meals at home right away.
Week In A Weekend will make a difference in your life – you will cook more, you will save money, and you will save time.
~Joshua Rosenthal
Founder, Institute For Integrative Nutrition

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Week #1 – Plant-Based and Gluten-Free Week$47.89
Week #2 – Plant-Based Week$47.89

To your cooking success!

P.S. I know there’s a culinary star inside you, ready to cook up a storm, and I’d be honored to help you get there. With Week in a Weekend, you’ll be amazed at how easily you can transform into a confident cook who creates delightful meals that are family friendly AND good for you, all while spending more time relaxing during the week.

Order Week in a Weekend now, and start having fun!

Week #1 – Plant-Based and Gluten-Free Week$47.89
Week #2 – Plant-Based Week$47.89